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Beam Balance

Ever played on a see-saw and just when you thought you had got it balanced someone comes and sits on one end ?

Beam Balance from GRN Consulting Limited is a fun and challenging game released for iOS devices running iOS 5 or later

To play, keep the bar balanced, using the accelerometer on the device to compensate for being out of balance. To score simply tap the screen as the objects move across the top to drop them onto the beam. If you didn't quite get it right and the beam is off balance, tilt the device in the opposite direction to compensate.

If you tilt all the way over, then you've got 3 seconds to get it back or you're out!

This fun game is addictive for all ages and with in built Facebook and Apple Game Center integration it is possible to challenge friends and family. See how you stack up against other master balancers on Game Center.

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