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Java / JEE Tuning

Often people think of Java performance tuning as a method to make their software run faster and in some cases, this is exactly what it does. However there are a number of other good reasons for carrying out performance tuning exercises. These include :-

  • Hardware Costs.By making sure that your application uses hardware resources efficiently. Your application may be able to meet it's performance targets without costly upgrades.
  • License Costs.If your application is deployed on a commercial application server, and it is not performing as required. Often the answer is to throw more hardware at the problem. This often incurs a hardware cost, but also often incurs software license costs to equip additional servers.
  • Support Costs.Identifying elements of the application that could cause the application to become unstable ensures that overall support and cost of ownership costs are minimised. Our Java Profiling specialists user powerful tools to track down memory leaks, thread contention and memory heap usage to ensure that your Java or JEE applications are as efficient as possible.

Our professional java specialists are equipped to profile both the java virtual machine, and JEE application server components. Short studies from as little as 5 days can reap enormous rewards later. Detailed reports are provided following a study so that action can be taken to rectify the issue.

With experience of java from 1.0 through to 1.6, and JEE 1.0 through JEE 1.5, GRN Consulting Limited is extremely well placed to provide our customers with a detailed and comprehensive tuning and performance tuning service

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