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Process Improvement is a goal that all organisations should have. The ability to constantly look at review the way you are working, and to then embrace change in order to make improvements in the future. When carrying out a major Process Improvement Programme, it is important to understand how the organisation works currently, to take what is proven to work and to replace the process areas that may be lacking.

This may sometimes require that organisations need to rethink how they work today, in order to allow them to migrate to how they wish to work tomorrow. As demands on business to react to faster market changes, we at GRN Consulting believe that a more Agile approach to software delivery is essential.

Agile does not mean always mean faster, cheaper or with less formality or quality than before. Agile at it’s core means to deliver solutions incrementally over time rather than waiting for the ‘big bang’ delivery approach. Allowing changes to be fed back into the development process easily and reacting to the changes in the business.

GRN Consulting can provide assistance in migrating your Software Delivery Lifecycle to a more Agile approach whilst still delivering on your current commitments.