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Java / JEE Tuning: Review your java applications and identify issues could be costly in terms of both hardware to run the application as well as maintenance costs if the application fails to meet performance or reliability targets.

Software Architecture: Identification and review of software designs and implementations of Java solutions. This may be a short, ‘health check’ engagement of an existing architecture, or, a lengthier engagement assisting in the creation of the optimal solution.

Software Development and Outsourcing: From maintenance changes to existing systems, to fully fledged systems development. Our Software Development and Outsourcing solutions ensure you get the solution you require.

Methodology / Process Improvement: Whether you operate in a waterfall approach, or embrace Agile techniques and practices, our practitioners are able to help you maximise the benefits that can be achieved.

Project Management: Not only are the technical capabilities essential to get right for a project to be successful, it is also essential that it is managed effectively and efficiently. Our Project Management division specialises in Project Management practices and techniques to help you succeed.

Training: We have a number of training courses available which may be either classroom based, or, on-site customised courses for your own needs. Check out our training section of this site for more information.

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